Success Stories

Mark Sison

Junior Edit Assistant/ Sky

"If you put everything into this scheme and apply yourself then you will come out the other end successful, because you’re in good reliable hands."

23 year old Mark Sison graduated in 2016 & tells us his story of how he got his first break into working in the TV Industry.

"Before MYP I was a freelancer with work coming few and far between, I say freelancer but the reality was that I was pretty much unemployed. I was too afraid to admit that my few years of commitment to the media industry weren’t working out.
 It can mess with the mind and self-esteem when you see all your friends in their fields working & earning money, whilst I was on the backend still trying to get my foot through the door. I was beginning to question my dreams of working in the industry asking,
“Do I give up on this dream?”
My confidence in my abilities was diminishing and I began to doubt myself. I was stuck in the paradoxical need experience to work, need work to get experience. My show reel was filled with amateurish work and evident Uni projects, I was struggling to put things on my CV and I hardly got any responses to jobs I applied for.
I found MYP and nearly avoided this entire opportunity because my self-esteem was so low at this point I nearly skipped the interview due to anxiety.
The next couple of months can only be described as empowering, frightening, revitalising and traumatic. I came into this intensive scheme as a trainee Editor and with the echoed advice of Bob’s “You get what you put in” I applied myself to the upcoming hardships of the scheme.

The long demanding hours, constant pushing out of the comfort zone and honest constructive criticism prepared me for the reality of the TV industry.
Alongside the other trainees, MYP helped identify our weaknesses providing guidance and the tools to work on them.  This was led by guest speakers and professionals of the TV industry. All of this plus an early broadcast credit for a show on Sky One fine-tuned my editing skills and, rebuilt my interpersonal skills and confidence
After MYP, I was given a placement at BBC’s TV & Media Operations team where I worked as a Junior Edit Assistant. Armed with the necessary skills to approach this placement, I learnt the more technical aspects of post-production.
My CV started to fill up with relevant experience. The BBC gave my CV a bigger push amongst the broadcast credit earned from MYP. I was going to interviews brimming with confidence and constantly impressing interviewers. I was offered roles at BAFTA and Sky. My show reel is filled with professional content I now struggle on what things I should take out!
My advice would be exactly what Bob said to me when I started MYP, “You get what you put in”.
If you put everything into this scheme and apply yourself then you will come out the other end successful, because you’re in good reliable hands.
 In the end, I am now working at Sky as a Junior Edit Assistant where I am constantly challenged, always doing something different every day and given multiple training opportunities. I love it here. I am now on track to achieving my goals. Don’t ever give up on the dream." - October 2016