Success Stories

Yinka Koleosho

Freelance Production Coordinator - Save the Children

''Strength, ability, and courage to prove myself in the work place.

24 year old Yinka graduated from MAMA Youth Project end of May 2014. She was supported by Forest Hill JCP throughout the training and is currently a full time Production Coordinator at Save the Children Film & Photography Department.

"MAMA Youth Project has been very instrumental in terms of my career in television thus far. Having had next to none experience in TV, MYP thrust me into the deep end. The skills I picked up and developed throughout the duration of the scheme are the skills that will keep me going in the industry. From learning how to network to learning how to self shoot and edit, I was equipped with skills that make me stand out in an industry where being good is not enough, you need to be great.

One thing I really liked about my time at MYP was that I did what my job title actually said. I was a trainee researcher and I really had to research. I was charged with writing programme treatments, booking contributors and sourcing locations.

Currently, I work as a Freelance Production Coordinator at Save the Children. In this role I provide production, logistical and administrative support to the Film and Photography team, enabling them to deliver world class content. Although my role at MYP was more of a creative one, I picked up these skills from observing and offering to assist those in that role. When my time at Save the Children comes to an end I will be fortunate enough to have had both editorial and production management experience. I am looking forward to the chance to prove to society who I am and not live down to the expectations of being a minority.

What have I taken away with me? Strength, ability, and courage to prove myself in the work place." - August 2014