Success Stories

James Marsh-Edwards

Procam TV

I Became Determined to Make Something of Myself

Joining the MAMA Youth Project has been a wonderfully rewarding journey for both my career and personal life."

Before joining I was working part time at a Sainsbury’s in central London. I never intended to work there long but found myself stuck in the job for nearly two years. Halfway through my time at Sainsbury’s my mother developed cancer which made me forget about looking for a way out i.e. find a media related job which I had always intended to do. It was only after my mother died that I became determined enough to push on and make something of myself. I found out about the MAMA Youth scheme online, on a Facebook group offering advice and placements at television based companies. I applied for the trainee camera operator roll and was lucky enough to be interviewed and hired.

Getting to know so many new people and gel with them was a challenge for me as I am quite a shy person. The training at MAMA Youth was great for overcoming this shyness, as everyone has to participate and interact in sessions specifically organised to do this. Now I feel like I am no longer shy and am able to contribute much more to conversations with different and unfamiliar people.

After leaving the MAMA Youth Project I was granted a paid work placement at Procam, the largest television equipment hire company in Britain and one of MAMA Youth’s industry partners. Since then, the managers at Procam have recognised my enthusiasm and commitment and have decided to keep me on and offer me a full time job. This has been such an amazing opportunity and I am enjoying it so much. It is really great working at Procam, as I am using all the equipment I was using at MAMA Youth, learning about new equipment, developing more skills, making new friends and feeling generally happier in my workplace. I finally feel like I am working towards a fulfilling career in something that I am passionate about.

For anyone thinking of applying for a role at MAMA Youth I would whole heartedly recommend it. The work is TOUGH but the gains are HUGE. MAMA Youth has changed my life and the lives of many others that I worked alongside with (and the many, many others that came before)”.