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02/02/21 News

2021 Covid-19 Hardship Fund

Can you help? Last year the COVID-19 emergency MYP Just Giving Campaign raised over £9000 in total & provided a lifeline to 11 MYP trainees & alumni, enabling them to cope during training & unemployment. MAMA Youth need your help today! The impact of the latest lockdown on those struggling to cope financially has already been significant & is likely to worsen over the coming months.

19/01/17 Events

Nominee of the Excellence in Diversity Award

MAMA Youth is honored to have been nominated for the Excellence in Diversity Award 2017! Thank you to all who made this nomination possible!

19/01/17 News

Diversity in TV industry

Ofcom chief, Sharon White, openly shares her opinions on the lack of diversity seen in the TV industry with The Guardian.