Inclusion Awareness

Inclusion Awareness Workshop

An alternative to Unconscious Bias Training

The MAMA Youth virtual Inclusion Awareness Workshop is a 4 hour day, followed by a confidential 1 hour one-to-one a week later.

MAMA Youth Project's Inclusion Awareness Workshop is an alternative to an unconscious bias course. We believe that trying to tackle a person’s consciousness is too complex as it is so deep and in consequence, a person may understand and behave differently. There are a multitude of circumstances where a person can say the wrong thing and altering behaviour on a few issues today does not stop you from saying the wrong thing tomorrow. Our workshop approaches inclusion in a unique way. The main points are:

  • Stop feeling guilty
  • No one is to blame
  • Get rid of the uncomfortable feeling
  • Face your inclusion demons

It struck me how important it is for everyone to have a safe space to discuss issues – to help build understanding and confidence.  The real stories from the young people in contrast to Bob’s slightly more historical picture were disturbing and poignant.  I enjoyed the sessions and am relieved that Bob “has got our backs”.  He brings a level headed and human approach to inclusion which is sadly not always the case with everyone.
Thank you MAMA Youth. - Bella Lambourne, HR and Operations Director at Banijay

With the above points in mind, delegates leave the workshop in a more positive mood, and the worry of saying the wrong thing will no longer be a predominant issue. The workshop can be tailored to cover specific topics like ethnicity, gender equality, disability, and the delivery can be adapted accordingly. There is a bespoke workshop for executive level, senior management and perhaps most importantly, management/supervisors and senior members of staff. During the workshop there will be a private one to one providing complete confidentiality for the delegate and ensuring they can be open and honest without the company knowing what has been discussed. Due to Covid-19 we have had to adapt our one day workshop to four hours split into two days. With One-to-One sessions in-between.

I thought the workshop was brilliant, Bob spoke passionately and honestly about his experiences in the TV world (and outside). The alumni spoke confidently and candidly and it was great to hear things from their view point.It was really useful to help focus the mind on what we should be focusing on, and how we all need to take responsibility for changing the TV world for the better.
Really looking forward to working with you -  Natalie Heustice, Productions Executive at RDF Television

There will also be confidential One-to-One 15 minute session with Bob Clarke for each delegate to be carried out a week later.

Delegates will have a one to one session with Bob Clarke, CEO of MAMA Youth Project. This session is confidential. Bob has experience in getting people to feel comfortable and be completely open. At the end of the one to one it is highly likely that the delegate will be full of emotion having been challenged to dig deep and address inherent attitudes and behaviours. This session will be a roller coaster ride. We are confident, if delegates do not end the session feeling they are ready to move forward with a positive attitude, at some point in the days that follow, they will realise the full benefit of that session. Each delegate will be encouraged to contact us if after a few days or weeks they still do not understand what the value was. We will be happy to answer any questions, continue the discussion and even provide ongoing support if required.

The MAMA Youth Inclusion Workshop was authentic, thought-provoking and digestible. Bob’s style of educating allows you to be entirely open, without fear of saying the wrong thing. That gives the group the freedom to actually learn. Hearing first hand from MYP alumni about their experiences of being black within the work place was a challenging but extremely valuable discussion. It pushes you to reflect and recognise where discrimination occurs on a daily basis . I would describe the workshop as powerful. - Rebecca Light, Senior Manager of Content Services Quality Control & Assurance at Sky

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