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Employing the Unemployable - Bob Clarke

CEO and Founder of MAMA Youth Project, Bob Clarke, had a powerful address to the industry at the last graduation event and you can now see it on video.

Discussing the word DIVERSITY and what it actually means, INCLUSION, COMMITMENT, SEGREGATION, Bob explained how the industry can make a tangible positive change to representation.

Photo: Bob Clarke, CEO of MAMA Youth Project

Photo: Bob Clarke, CEO of MAMA Youth Project

"The industry has been trying to fix a problem that cannot be fixed. There are diverse groups within diverse groups....I am so offended by adverts that have been placed which state, “only people of colour need apply”. One of my sons has dark skin and looks mixed race, the other son, you would not know he has a black dad. Does that mean only one of my sons can apply for a BAME position?" MAMA Youth is uniquely positioned working closely with grassroots organisations and also with broadcasters and industry partners.

Working with young people from challenging backgrounds, supporting our alumni with their career development and delivering broadcast quality content gives us great insight into challenges faced by individuals and businesses big or small.

At MAMA Youth we believe in tangible outcomes, employment and a better life for young people and better representation and a healthier bottom line for business.

"To all those current partners, in whatever capacity and those who want to join our family. Please, please realise, we do not do segregation. Do not get disappointed because we sent a white working or middle-class candidate as you may be making a wrong assumption at best or reverse racism at worst. MAMA Youth candidates are from underrepresented groups from society. Why? It’s their life experiences that make them valuable employees. Let's rule
out segregation of any kind
" - Bob Clarke, CEO of MAMA Youth Project.

Read here (https://www.mamayouth.org.uk/partner-with-us) for all the benefits of partnering with us.

With thanks to Sky for additional footage.

Filmed, Edited & Music by Maya Francis