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MYP Alumni Hardship Fund

"It was difficult were I grew up, people like me didn't work in this industry."

The misrepresentation of people from underrepresented communities in the media negatively affects society. We want to change this. The MAMA Youth Project recruits, trains, and nurtures young people from underrepresented groups or with limited educational or employment opportunities. Through training projects, we equip them with the skills and experience necessary to secure long-term and fulfilling employment in the TV and Media industry.

We particularly focus on young people with limited educational or employment opportunities, including unemployed graduates. We are committed to getting young people into employment and to bringing diversity to the media industry.

Every day, the young people we've trained work hard to change their lives. We're proud of the 450+ professionals whose lives we have touched over the past 12 years for working hard at building their careers and strengthening their futures. They are an inspiration to us, their families, and their community.

Now, they just need a little extra help to get them on their way to a meaningful career. The Hardship Fund will be a helping hand to those alumni struggling while looking for the next contract. It can cover accommodation, food, transport to interviews, clothing and anything else that might be a barrier to staying and progressing within the industry.

Please help them by donating today via our JustGiving donation page: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/alumni-hardship-fund

We thank all of our supporters who've donated so far. And we also thank Camilla Greene, Sky and every one from Say My Name comedy gig for kick starting this!