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Diversity in TV industry

Diversity in the TV industry is unfortunately, however unsurprisingly, not a true representation of the diversity found in the world. Although in recent years some strides have been made in this field the significance is not enough.

Ofcom chief, Sharon White, openly shares her opinions on the lack of diversity seen in the TV industry with The Guardian. When the lack of diversity in these fields is questioned it is more than those seen by the camera, it is about those behind the camera as well. The industry has failed in representing and employing BAME members of society.

White expresses her disappointment in the necessary involvement of Ofcom in order to diversify the industry. White firmly believes TV should “reflect the nation in all its diversity,” which is far more extensive than what the media and TV are portraying. The representation of BAME and LGBTQ+ members in the TV industry compared to their statistical presence in society has fallen short and is receiving a lot of attention. White plans to raise networks diversity target to ensure cooperation in the efforts of diversifying the industry.

Here at MAMA Youth Project we fully support the motions of Ofcom. We strive to create equal employment opportunities to all members of society and are relieved to see major networks following our lead. What makes the world unique and colorful is the diversity of all its members.  The TV industry should be taking advantage of its globalization and expose the true demographic of the world.

For more on this topic watch video below

Actor Idris Elba discusses his views on diversity in the UK's TV diversity