Success Stories

Kerry Mathurin

''I still struggled to find a secure job in the media industry.''

23 year old Kerry came from St Lucia at 14yrs with his family hoping to make a better life for themselves in the UK.

"My journey at MAMA Youth Project began after I graduated from Brunel University studying Broadcast Media. Before coming to MYP I completed an internship and founded a small production company, however, I still struggled to find a secure job in the media industry. I could not figure out what I was missing or what else I could do to gain experience without the offer of a job. MAMA Youth Project was the window I needed!

Throughout my time at MAMA Youth Project I had the opportunity to be mentored by two wonderful members of Sky’s staff team who I am in regular contact with. I am also still in contact with MYP staff who supported and guided me throughout the process.

We met and spoke every fortnight and these mentoring sessions helped put to bed any doubts or worries I had about my personal or professional development. My role whilst on the project was that of a trainee researcher. However, after seeing my motion graphic show reel, the Executive Producer of What's Up (Bob Clarke) commissioned me to produce a new, fresh motion graphic animated bumper for the show. The advice I got from the mentoring session came in handy as I was worried about stretching myself too thin, but I was reassured when I was advised by one of my mentors to not  'show off my skills, showcase them'. This gave me a great deal of confidence and subsequently aided me in securing a permanent role at Sky as a Creative after completing the  MYP training programme.

I would highly recommend MAMA Youth Project for anyone who wants to get into any aspect of the broadcast industry, even if you're unsure as to what exactly it is you want to do; as the skill sets, work ethics and networking opportunities you’re left with will ensure a promising first step into the media industry". - April 2014