Success Stories

Linda Maitland

Tim & Danny music

''I think the experience I gained was really invaluable and was a very important step on my journey.''

"I started at What’s Up 10 years ago in spring 2005, I had a really great experience and met some amazing people, which I’m still friends with now.

The training taught me so much, from call sheets and cameras, teamwork and being professional. Bob put a lot of trust in us to use initiative and go out and get things done even when I had no idea what to do, that drive has stayed with me until today and taught me to be confident and clear in what I need to achieve.

I met so many different people which really helped in learning to work as a team and make things happen from ideas sitting around a table planning to make it all reality.

I think the experience I gained was really invaluable and was a very important step on my journey. We also remembered to always enjoy our work even when it felt stressful we had a lot of really good fun which I think is important, I have many good memories.

After leaving What’s Up I took on a work placement in Artist Relations at Warner Music, even in my job interview I spoke about meeting music artists and interviewing them for the What's Up show and I think it really helped me to get my foot in a record label. In Artist Relations I was the point of contact between the record label and the U.S. artists and management team. 8 years later I left Warner Music to work at Tim & Danny music where we managed a variety of artists, songwriters and producers. I left early this year to work on the management team for Bastille which is where I am now.

I’ll always look back and know how important my experience was withWhat’s Up and Bob’s belief in us all to work hard showed us we can accomplish more than we think. So I will always be grateful for the opportunity I was given". - September 2015