Success Stories

Rugile Rozenaite

Trainee Engineer, ES Broadcast

Rugile Rozenaite - Trainee Engineer, ES Broadcast

Camera Operator trainee Rugile Rozenaite became the first MAMA Youth alumni to secure a placement with one of the charity’s newest industry partners, ES Broadcast. Rugile has since been extended to a permanent role within the thriving company who prioritise making a difference by supporting charitable initiatives alongside their business needs. ​

“Before MAMA Youth Project, I was a recent film graduate with the massive dreams of working in Film or TV, I had all these grand plans for what I wanted to do and then as soon as I began applying anywhere and everywhere I was ignored. I applied for anything in industry I could find and after 8 or so months I still had no solid responses, not even feedback on my applications, it felt like I was completely invisible and that all of my emails were just deleted the moment they reached anyone’s inbox.  

By the time I applied for the Mama Youth Project I was about ready to give up trying to find anything and move on from working in the industry that I spent years dreaming about. 

My placement following the training was a permanent role at ESBroadcast as a trainee engineer. Coming into this job I was given the opportunity to learn how to work industry standard camera equipment, as well as how to maintain and fix it. Comparatively to MAMA Youth, my placement felt like a breeze as MYP had instilled such a hard work ethic in me. 

The habits I built at during the training such as constantly asking meant that I was often going far and beyond what was expected of me, allowing me to quickly settle in with the team I work with and giving me the opportunity to learn more and more such as how to make and repair the fibre cables used to connect cameras to OB trucks. All of this culminated in the feedback I got at the end of my probation period being excellent across the board, meaning I am now officially part of the ES team in every sense!"