Donate with us

By donating to MAMA Youth Project, you are investing in the potential of young individuals from underrepresented communities, promoting diversity in the media industry, and contributing to a positive community impact, through the following:

  1. Empowering Underrepresented Youth: MAMA Youth Project focuses on training and empowering young people, especially those from underrepresented and challenging backgrounds, providing them with skills and opportunities to succeed in the TV and Media industry. By donating, you are contributing to the breaking down of barriers and fostering diversity in an industry that lacks representation.
  2. Innovative Training Approach: MAMA Youth Project’s innovative training approach places young people in real-time work situations, providing hands-on experience and bridging the gap between training and employment. Your support will ensure young people are able to embark on our life-changing media training.
  3. Corporate Partnerships for Job Opportunities: MAMA Youth Project specialises in strategic partnerships with major broadcasters and independent production companies to offer exclusive job opportunities for trainees who complete our media training.  Your donation will contribute to maintaining and expanding these partnerships, thereby increasing employment prospects for our trainees.

By supporting MAMA Youth Project, you will be contributing to changing the lives of young people from underrepresented communities and creating a positive and inclusive culture in the media industry.

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