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"We love our strong partnership with MAMA Youth. Their work helps us maintain a diverse team and ensures we have promising talent joining our entertainment production business from under-represented groups.
It’s very important to Whisper that our team members represent as many different areas of society as possible. It’s only with a diverse team that we can impact positive change and create entertainment that appeals to all."

- Sunil Patel, CEO, Whisper.

Our corporate collaborators play a pivotal role in expanding our impact, enabling us to assist more individuals in transforming their lives and forging positive futures. We are dedicated to fostering engaging partnerships that are mutually beneficial, involving your staff and contributing to crucial fundraising efforts.  

We offer bespoke Inclusion Awareness Workshops to all our corporate partners, delivering a unique alternative to an unconscious bias course. 

Our devoted team is ready to collaborate with you in establishing a distinctive relationship that aligns with your corporate social responsibility goals and addresses shared strategic objectives. With your backing, we can extend our reach and assist more disadvantaged young people in turning their lives around.

There are plenty of ways your company can support our work:

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