How Can You Help

Embark on a physical challenge or leverage your hobbies to make a real impact in your community!

Our team is ready to assist you in translating your enjoyable activities into tangible support for MAMA Youth Project trainees.

Whether it's organising a cake sale, leading a cooking class, hosting a dinner party, running a marathon or shaving your head – we're here to back you up, providing support and cheering you on every step of the way. 

Every fundraiser, regardless of the method, plays a vital role in empowering our young people to undertake life changing media training, and we deeply appreciate each one. 

Have a unique fundraising idea? We'd love to hear about it – share your innovative and creative plans with us!

Eager to generate funds in your unique style? We're enthusiastic about discovering your inventive and creative fundraising concepts, so please share them with us by emailing our Fundraising Manager, Anthony on:


“The personal impact of MAMA Youth has been huge for me.  It has allowed me to be a role model for my younger sister and to show her that taking risks in life can pay off and open doors you didn’t even consider.  

MAMA Youth is doing what so many companies are still struggling to achieve by tackling issues such as discrimination and unconscious bias in the workplace, where people are often judged by their name or even the languages they speak.  

MAMA Youth Project provides their trainees with an equal opportunity to be themselves and to thrive.” 

- Lana Sibay, MYP Alumni & Schedule and Operations Executive, Sky.